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Guidestone Colorado is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is growing a vibrant agricultural future through education, community building, and partnerships.


Guidestone's current strategic plan focuses on the following overarching goals:

  1. Cultivate opportunities and experiences to increase agricultural awareness, connection, literacy (knowledge and skills development), and heritage preservation
  2. Build the capacity of new producers and local food systems
  3. Ensure organizational strength and sustainability

The organization’s strategies and programming are founded upon the belief that if individuals are exposed to experiences on local farms and ranches, that exposure results in a growing appreciation for where our food comes from and the commitment and resources needed to produce food locally. As a result of that appreciation, those individuals will then make choices that support and increase the capacity of the local food system. The result of these choices will be resilient local food systems, healthier communities, and a vibrant future for local agriculture.

Guidestone’s programmatic approach provides services to farmers, educators, youth, and community members through four cornerstone programs:

The Farm to School Initiative provides strategic support for school districts to ensure students have access to healthy, locally grown food in their school meal programs. We help build school gardens and integrate garden-based and classroom learning experiences with curriculum correlated to state education standards.

Farmhands Education Programs build a community of learning, sharing, and celebration. Our summer camps, workshops, field trips and special events provide youth and adults with the opportunity to “dig in”, learning about the art and science of grown food and the importance of supporting local farms and ranches.

The Hutchinson Homestead and Learning Center is a dynamic heritage site dating back to the 1860’s where today, history and preservation bring the story of the land and community to life through interpretive education programs, celebrations and events. Guidestone Colorado operates and manages this learning center with the vision of bridging our past to the future of agriculture in the Upper Arkansas River Valley.

Colorado Land Link– In a time where few than 2% of Americans now grow food for a living- coupled with a retiring generation of farmers and ranchers- Colorado Land Link is developing creative solutions to overcome this crisis by connecting the next generation of farmers and ranchers to land opportunities and resources needed to launch a successful agricultural business. Our referral and resource center connects land-seekers and landowners and provides access to a network of tools, resources, and technical services for the next generation of farmers.

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