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Little Star School

Little Star School


Little Star Mission

Little Star sparks children’s curiosity, compassion and sense of community through joyful learning and discovery.

We believe:

1. We believe early childhood education helps us all be good citizens of the world. It is our foundation for making the world a better place.

2. We believe in the core Montessori values that everything is interconnected and interdependent and that all children have unlimited curiosity and potential. We strive to model and teach this.

3. We believe it takes a village to love, support, and grow great kids – and we believe that this village needs us.

4. We believe our staff has the most important jobs in the world.

5. We believe we are worthy of support.

6. We believe we can grow & change to meet community needs.

Your purchase today is part of eqpd's "Built-for-a-Purpose" fundraising program. A unique and powerful tool that uses design, manufacturing and business to reduce our environmental impact, create American jobs and support causes worth investing in. At eqpd, we believe products can do more than just look good and that the very best designs find ways to create the most benefit, for the most people. For every Little Star School LastBag sold, eqpd donates 100% of the retail profit to Little Star School.