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Originally designed for trail builders to haul dirt and gravel, this rugged tote is a flexible 6+ gallon bucket that adds a lot of versatility to your bag quiver.


What sets this tote apart:

Thoughtfully constructed to perform very differently than your classic 5 gallon plastic pail, the BucketCarry's appeal is founded in clever design elements and a forgiving material. Built from one piece of 35oz waterproof heavy duty fabric, with just enough structure to give it form, while still being soft when it bumps your leg or gets dropped on rocks (our fabric doesn't crack like plastic). The flexible, cable supported rim always stays open and our integrated handles allow you to carry heavy loads with just one hand, or partner carry with ease.  Orange webbing loops on the sides are for dumping out contents.

Features that help you work smart.

We designed the top handles to have a comfortable, rounded grip, and integrated them directly into the bag so they are extremely well balanced and easy to grab (no floppy webbing here).  The top rim is supported with a cable insert so it stays open for easy loading. The two orange side handles make it easier to dump and shake out heavy contents; their bright color helps you see the bag as to not leave it behind.

Easy cleanup & stowaway.

The bottom folds flat much like our LastBags, but is more stiff when you pull the orange handles out to the sides. The top rim is flexible enough to bring the handles together for flat storage.  Can be easily cleaned by hosing out with water and most any type of cleaner (even bleach), air dry.


Useful Life Guarantee
Size: 14.5"h x 10"d x 11"w (tapers wider at the top)
Cable-supported wide rim
 Round ergonomic handles
Folds flat for storage
Waterproof and 150lb. tear strength fabric

Materials: 35oz. Industrial vinyl, T90 nylon thread, PVC Tubing, 1/4" aircraft cable, YKK metal hardware, 1.5" Nylon webbing.

Proudly made In Twisp, WA, USA

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