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eqpd 365

eqpd 365


The eqpd LastBag is an American made, guaranteed for life bag that will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint when used daily for the chores of life. We want to eliminate the careless and excessive damage caused by single-use paper and plastic bags, so we offer a blue/green PLANET-BEFORE-PROFIT LastBag at 50% off 365 days a year. Our goal is to improve the health of our planet and its people, and by reducing the price, we are putting planet before profit, to give as much access to healthy behaviors as possible.

We hope you use this opportunity to "Get Out of the Loop” and never use another single-use bag again. Help yourself, family, friends and the planet with a lifetime guaranteed LastBag made in Twisp, WA. Its clean design, practical nature and absolute reliability make this a bag you will remember to bring everywhere and use for most anything. Lifetime Guarantee.

Made in Twisp, WA

Materials: 18oz. #3 Coated Fabric, #70 Bonded Nylon Thread, High Density Polyethylene plastic, Polyester Felt, YKK Hardware, Nylon Webbing