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Your purchase today is part of eqpd's "Built-for-a-Purpose" fundraising program. A unique and powerful tool that uses design, manufacturing and business to reduce our environmental impact, create American jobs and support causes worth investing in.  At eqpd, we believe products can do more than just look good and that the very best designs find ways to create the most benefit, for the most people. For every Methow Arts LastBag sold, eqpd donates 1/2 the purchase price to the directly to Methow Arts in support of their mission. What does that mean?

  • For every 17" LastBag purchased, we donate $25.

  • For every 13" LastBag purchased, we donate $15.

So instead of giving a $1 a bag on special occasions, we donate the entire retail profit, everyday. Not a tiny slice once a year, but a substantial donation that reflects the good intentions of all those who stepped forward. 

Together we hope to not only eliminate single-use bags in WA, but help support organizations that bring us together.  Thank you for your support, it makes all the difference!