DailyMask Bulk Ordering

We want to help you and your community stay healthy. As more of us get back to work, we need to wear masks all day to protect each other. As an employer, we know you want to take care of your team members. Providing a reliable, reusable, and comfortable mask is part of how you do that right now. We want to help you create a safe workplace for the greater benefit of our community. 

To request a bulk order of masks from eqpd, please fill out the contact form below with quantity, color(s), elastic fit and we'll be in touch shortly.


The DailyMask Cloth is designed to fit comfortably & wash easily for safe, everyday wear. 

Thoughtful, Unique Design
The DailyMask-Cloth is a clean cut, soft and secure fitting protective face coveringConstructed of 100% cotton exterior and a soft cotton/poly lining, this mask can be worn all day. The DailyMask maps to the contours of your face and chin, with space for your nose, allowing you to speak and breathe easily without experiencing mask slippage or pressure points. Because the mask fits well, you will touch it less to make adjustments, further improving its effectiveness.
Intelligent Options
A mask is a relatively simple object, but if one aspect of it doesn't work for you, you might not wear it. That's why we offer two elastic fit options to dial in the perfect fit.  Choose around-the-head for a comfortable, stay-put all-day wear, or ear loops for quick and easy on and off. 
Made in Washington 
All of our products are made in Washington.  We're creating great products, employing local people, and responding directly to local needs as they arise. Our pride of place includes being able to partner with our fellow Valley business owners to deliver personal protective equipment to employees in this challenging time. 


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