Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce eqpd?

Are all your products made in the USA?
YES. All our goods are proudly made in Twisp, WA
What is your lead time?
For online orders, we ship in 1-3 days.
Custom branded projects are built to order and take between 2-4 weeks to build & ship.
What's your guarantee?
My Patagonia board shorts from 1996 still serve me well, a few stitches and some serious fading hasn't made them any less useful, and though their days are numbered, they gave me a useful life and that is something I deeply respect.  So when creating our own goods,  we design and build them with longevity in mind.  We also understand that accidents happen, materials get tired and components wear down.  So use our goods freely and enjoy their durable nature and if they do not deliver you a "Useful Life" then contact us and we will make it right. Our production team takes great pride in their craftsmanship and we choose the best possible materials to build with. If you ever need a repair, just stop in or contact us. One of the benefits of manufacturing locally is we have all the resources necessary to keep your eqpd gear going.
What are your bags made of?
As Industrial Designers we are trained to understand the unique characteristics of materials and use them in their most beneficial ways. Our bags represent this behavior of using materials appropriately and are currently made from:
#2 HDPE Recyclable plastic - used to add structure and form to our handles.
#3 18 oz, Vinyl Coated Polyester Fabric, Solid and Mesh - Known for its durability in harsh conditions, most commonly used for whitewater rafts and truck tarps. We choose to use new, certified materials as to manufacture most efficiently and to confidently offer you our best, Reasonable Life Guarantee.  As much as we appreciate "up-cycling", the unpredictable nature of those materials challenged us to make consistent, reliable and cost sensitive products.
Polyester Felt - Naturally mold/mildew resistant and bleach safe. The industrial characteristics of this material works great as a removable base or a liner.
Leather - 4 oz. Oil-Stoned for our Last Bags Leather, TaperTop and DuffleBox Series. 8oz. Latino for BucketCarry handles and KneePad lower.
Nylon - we use Bonded Nylon thread for its smooth sew characteristics and proven outdoor longevity.
Brass/Steel - We use black-oxidized rivets, snaps and washers so they will never rust/streak your bag and assemble perfect every time.
Care Instructions?
Most all our materials can can be cleaned with soap and water or standard household cleaners, including bleach. Leather is a natural material and needs to be treated appropriately.  The exposed seams and raw edges are characteristic of all eqpd product. If those edges start to show "hairs", no worries, just trim those thin, white fibers with sharp scissors. NOTE: Pulling those fibers doesn't work, they do not rip.
Do you wholesale?
Yes, we adore great main streets and supporting local. Wholesaling is one way we support those places and businesses. Please email us at info@eqpdgear.com to get more info.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, please email us at  info@eqpdgear.com with your needs. Volumes usually start around 25 items.
Do you ship international?
Yes – we can quote you via email at info@eqpdgear.com. Currently, our website cannot process those orders.
Can I get bags personalized with logo’s, businesses and the such?
Yes, we offer a variety of programs for our all our LastBags. Please see Custom for more info.