Outdoor Gear, Made by Outdoor People

Remember when your gear was thoughtfully made by passionate people in small mountain towns? At eqpd ("equipped"), it still is.

Made in Twisp, WA pop. 1,042.

We've mixed classic, proven manufacturing techniques with modern materials and good design principles to create highly functional bags with minimal manufacturing.  This keeps our designs clean, production stateside, and contributes to our honest Form Follows Function aesthetic. Once you try one, you'll agree, there's nothing quite like an eqpd bag.

10 Years NEW

Founded in 2015, our designs have endured the test of time. From dirt bag climbers and stinky river guides, to the US Forest Service, eqpd gear helps keep you organized and prepared, without being overly tech. This approach creates the ultimate 4 season bags that transition effortlessly between activities, from simple after work hikes, to a weekend at the slopes.

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To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are offering an #18 pack of our best-selling LastBags and GearBuckets, at a super special over 60% off retail price. Fill out the form below to get your order started. FREE shipping until the end of March.

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The LastBag

The idea that started it all: a simple, durable, waterproof bag that's built to last. The original LastBag design is now over 10 years old and remains an unchanged icon of the eqpd line.

MSRP: $38

The GearBucket

With watertight seams and a strong, structured rim, The GearBucket combines the usefulness of a tote bag with the functionality of a plastic storage bin. Comes in 2 sizes: Tall & Wide.

MSRP: Tall $60 / Wide $75

10 Years NEW

Read our history to learn WHY and HOW eqpd "Builds Better Bags".