In these germ-cautious times grocery stores are asking folks to temporarily stop bringing reusable shopping bags into the store.  If you are as anti single-use bags as we are then we recommend requesting your items be put back into your cart after checkout and load your own reusable bags at the car.  After each use in public places it's best to disinfect handles and places you touch. 

LastBags are easy to clean in your kitchen sink and are bleach safe for absolute cleanliness. For quick disinfection, we recommend wiping down your LastBag with a disinfecting wipe or bleach solution and letting it sit for at least 1 minute. Rinse with water and let air-dry or dry with a clean towel. 

In the development of the LastBag, we observed the current offerings were lacking on so many levels. . . . and we knew the ability of our fabric to be bleached and sterilized was a unique feature, but now during the Covid-19 pandemic it's become necessary.  So please continue to do your part to reduce single-use bag waste by using LastBags for grocery runs... and all your day to day carrying needs!
Stay healthy and safe!
- Jonathan Baker, founder