For the last 6 years local arborist and friend,  Aaron B., has been our go-to gear tester. He pushes LastBags to their limits, using them in all sorts of creative ways: as rope bags, gear haulers, even to transplant trees and carry belay tools. Aaron and his crew work year round, often in complicated places with less than ideal weather conditions. This all adds up to a perfect, unfiltered testing ground for our designs. We feel lucky to have such hard working and clever individuals to collaborate with!

We have Aaron to thank for connecting us to one of our favorite local retailers, Wesspur - a Bellingham, WA arborist supply company. We introduced them to HeavyDuty LastBags a few years ago and well, their response is best captured in Nice Guy Dave's review videoYou only need to watch the first 40 seconds to get the idea. It makes us smile every time :)

 (Below: Custom LastBags for Aaron's tree services company)

We've made HeavyDuty models available to the public only once before, and they were constructed with a different fabric with leather handles. We are now reintroducing them with an updated, even stronger fabric and our signature one-piece snapping handles. Our test team concluded this to be the best combination of features and we are excited to be building them again! 

Our Heavy Duty Line consists of 3 models:

This collection gives you options for any size of project. And, if a bag doesn't work, our LongCarry does a heck of job carrying the awkward stuff!  We look forward to seeing how you use your eqpd gear. Make sure to tag #geteqpd or send us an email with you stories and photos . . .  we might just get you on the test team! Thanks for your support of our WA small business. We couldn't be here without you!