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A sturdy travel case that fit our requirement of universal design, simplicity of use and durable construction. A fresh take on a protective laptop/business/travel bag, the DuffleBox is designed to not fall over and is easy to pack and keep organized as you move about your day.  With its boxy geometry and practical design, the DuffleBox has quickly become our favorite professional, everyday bag that works just as well in a boat as it does in the boardroom. Features include:

  • 2 exterior side pockets that fit coffee mugs, water bottles, snacks and accessories
  • Double thickness, reinforced oil-stoned leather handles that snap
  • Adjustable/Cross body shoulder strap
  • 22" straight zipper design for a large opening and smooth slide
  • Waterproof & Seamless folded bottom
  • Thick felt interior liner with a 17" computer sleeve and vertical organization on one side and a stretchy, catch-all pocket on the other with a snap-in key fob. (entire liner is removable if needed)

Dimensions: 18"w x 12"h x 9"d with two, 6" wide side pockets. 1200 cu/in.

Care: Wash with water, kitchen sprays, bleach safe. Treat leather appropriately.  

Materials: 18oz. #3 Coated Fabric, 4oz. Oil Stoned Leather, #70 bonded Nylon Thread, High Density Polyethylene plastic, 1/8" Polyester Felt Base, YKK Hardware & #8 Zipper, Nylon Webbing

Proudly Made in Twisp, WA.